We build products for grapplers, by grapplers.

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We solve problems in the grapple sphere.

We take pleasure in solving problems that we see in the grappling scene. Whether a lack of transparency with competition costs, or lightweight training equipment, we aim to fix what we find.

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Grapple Comps:

We developed Grapple Comps with the aim to put all UK Jiu Jitsu competition into one site, with the main focus being to show prices up front before you click through to secondary sites.

LYTE Belts:

Weight cutting is an important element of combat sports, despite the taboo. With Jiu Jitsu, people will cut body Weight and buy lightweight Gi's but they fail to address the fact that they can be carrying up to 300g of belt around their waist. LYTE Belts was created to manfacture lightweight belts, with our A3 belts coming in at 180gs.